Pre-made logo design customization

Process shown here below with customization process for one of the selected logo sample from our pre-made gallery.

Name: Alex Rammlmair


Package: Premade logo design

Date: 11/5/2004 5:27 PM


Comments :

Hi there I like your pre-made logo number 033. I wonder if you can adapt it to fit other company names (I would be interested in the name ‘Accelerate’. I’m also impressed by the logo animations displayed on some of your logos. Could you enclose a cost estimate for the logo adaptations and animation programming? thanks for your help Alex Rammlmair traccent Vienna, Austria.

Pre-made Logo Design Customization sample :



Version 1



Dear Gyan,

Thank you very much for your efforts
I am already quite satisfied with the results.
I like the big letter A with the blue swing in the logo number nine best.Please use this single letter as a ‘short logo’. I hope it is not a problem for you to provide both a single letter and full letter logo version.
For the full version I am unsure between sample 8 or samplePlease use the letter-swing combination from number nine as the first letter in the logo sample 8 (The sw
As the slogan, please use: Start up!Please experiment with different alignments and colour combinations (staying from number 9 is closer to the letter than in number 8 – i like it better).

I would appreciate you to give me some sample with slight variations from the one you provided:sample 8: switch red and black  sample: switch red and black sample 9 Use different color in the starting letter A than in the rest of the word (such as in sample 6) and use both colour switch combination within the black/red)
Again, thank you very much for your quick work, I am very satisfied with the results until now and I believe that we can decide on the logo in short time and start working on the animation.

best regards

Version 2



Dear Gyan,

Thank you very much for your efforts.
I am very satisfied with Logo 10 and 11.I appreciate your other experiments but believe those 2 are the best.
I would like you to add another for my convenience: the word Accelerate in normal letters (no swing) with the first letter A in black and the rest of the word in red. Basically it would be the colour inverse of the word in logo 6.
Could you please add the slogan: ‘Start up!’ to logo 11? Please trydifferent alignments (left, middle, right)
Thank you again for your good job


Version 3



Dear Gyan,

I agree that your suggestion is expressive.
Experience shows that you need different logos for different purposes …small logos for business cards or in graphics and diagrams, adaptable logos without background and borders for presentations, bold and visible logos for streetsigns, … .
I fear there was a misunderstandig about the logo – i wanted it to be 2words: ‘Start Up! ‘. It is probable better to put both words in capital.
So if you made this final change I think I will keep:* logo 20 as it is* logo 21 without slogan* logo 21 with slogan ‘Start Up!’* logo 25 with slogan ‘Start Up!’
thanks for your efforts.


Version 4



Dear Gyan,

Thanks for the logos.I like the logo variants 27, 28 and 30 and would like to keep all of them as aspects of the same logo (27 as short version, 28 as company name and 30 as branding option)
Plese focus on logo 27 for the flash animation


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